Discounts and services on ticket sales for the badminton Indonesia open tournament on customer satisfaction


  • Abraham Abimanyu Kristiyono Putro Sriwijaya University, Faculty of Economy, Management Program. Indonesia
  • Mohamad Adam Magister Management Program, Sriwijaya University, Indonesia
  • Alman Hudri Minister of Youth and Sport, Republic of Indonesia
  • Marlina Widiyanti Magister Management Program, University of Sriwijaya, Indonesia



customer satisfaction, Indonesia open, sales services, ticket discounts, ticket prices


The Indonesia Open is an international badminton championship which is held annually in Jakarta and is a regular event in the series of The Badminton World Federation (BWF) tournaments which are participated by various world-class badminton players. This sport event attracts many badminton connoisseurs to watch live matches at the Istora Senayan stadium in Jakarta so that it is always crowded with spectators. The main objective of this study was to find out how the effect of discounts and ticket sales services for buyer satisfaction of the Indonesia Open badminton matches who want to watch the match live. In order to understand how far this effect, the authors have obtained primary data by providing questionnaires for 100 respondents who have purchased tickets to watch the annual sporting event. After data collection, the analysis was then carried out using multiple linear regression methods to test the validity and reliability of the research statements. 


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