Article Creation of a knowledge management model using Case-Based Reasoning: Application to the maintenance of autonomous solar photovoltaic installations



Maintenance - Case-Based Reasoning - Solar photovoltaic - Knowledge management


This article proposes a solution through a model to
facilitate the maintenance activities associated with autonomous
photovoltaic solar installations in our developing countries. The
autonomous photovoltaic solar installation is not connected to the
electricity distribution network. It meets the needs for electricity, on
the one hand for those who are too far away and do not have access
to the distribution network and on the other hand to those who wish
to overcome the constraints of connection to the electricity
distribution network. Our work focuses on the capitalization of
knowledge in a maintenance activity. We focus on an innovative
approach that allows to reuse and exploit past experiences in
maintenance activities but also to establish correlations between
these different experiences. The proposed approach makes it possible
to formalize, retrieve and archive these experiences in a knowledge
base in order to make them available to other maintenance
technicians. This model will be developed and will be able to help
maintenance technicians during their interventions by providing
them with elements of knowledge which will be drawn from the
knowledge base.


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