Engineering study on oriflame cosmetic

  • Ni Made Ayu Mirah Hayati Institution of Science Scholar, Tabanan, Indonesia
Keywords: modern, beauty, product, illegal, business


In this modern era are so many beauty products on the market ranging from legal and illegal, many also now servicing beauty clinics and doctors growing beauty with sophisticated tools. Oriflame became one of the beauty products that exist in Indonesia trying to offer products that are natural and provide business opportunities with cosmetic. Oriflamme cosmetic is one beauty product that is widely used in Indonesia because of this cosmetic can be used for all skin types especially for tropical areas such as material natural Indonesia.kosmetika from Sweden. Some ingredients of cosmetics Oriflame among blueberry, horse chestnut, yarrow, iris, palm, birch, cloudberry, apples and so forth. Oriflamme itself not only produce cosmetic to be marketed but Oriflame also provides land for business in Oriflame, so as a member of Oriflame not only able to use the product also can take advantage of the opportunity to become a career.


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