The Effect of Cupping Therapy on Cholesterol Levels in Elderly Patients


  • Kistan Akademi Keperawatan Batari Toja Watampone, Indonesia
  • Najman Akademi Keperawatan Batari Toja Watampone, Indonesia


Cupping, Cholesterol Levels, Hypercholesterolemia.


Hypertension is called the silent killer because it often appears without symptoms and is the main cause of heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. The elderly are a vulnerable group to be diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. Cupping therapy is a popular alternative treatment option carried out by the community. As time goes by, it encourages nurses to fully prove the benefits of cupping therapy. To examine the effect of cupping therapy on reducing cholesterol levels in the elderly. This research uses a quasi-experimental method which is one group pretest-posttest. Researchers examined cholesterol levels before cupping therapy and measured again after 30 minutes after cupping therapy. The sample used was 15 elderly patients with cupping at Alghaffar Care, Bone Regency, which were selected using purposive sampling technique. After performing statistical analysis using the Paired sample t test, the Systolic Pressure was obtained a significant value (p 0.001 < 0.05) with an average decrease in systolic pressure of 5.133 mmHg and a significant diastolic pressure was obtained (p 1,000 > 0, 05). These results indicate that there is an effect of decreasing systolic pressure but no effect of diastolic pressure before and after cupping therapy.


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