Viability and artisanal production of bread fruit snacks from ancestral knowledge


  • Gema Monserrate Jurado Moreira Institute Paulo Emilio Macias, Portoviejo, Manabí, Ecuador
  • Julissa Elizabeth Andrade Celleri Institute Paulo Emilio Macias, Portoviejo, Manabí, Ecuador
  • Carmen Liliana Mera Plaza Universidad de Palermo, Argentina & Taxation of the Higher Technological Institute Paulo Emilio Macías, Portoviejo, Ecuador


ancestral knowledge, Artocarpus altilis, economic revival, methodology, production


This research aims at the financial analysis and knowledge of the artisanal production of bread fruit snack (Artocarpus altilis) from ancestral knowledge. As a methodology, a market research was applied about the highest consumption of snacks in Manabí and interviews with people in the agricultural area that produce this fruit. As a result, it has that most of this fruit is wasted because there is no orderly production and much less consumption, through financial analysis techniques it was possible to specify the feasibility of the fruit snack within zone 4 Manabí and Santo Domingo. Because of that it is concluded that the bread fruit contains a variety of nutritional properties in such a way that it has become a food of the future thus ending the famine in the mute, therefore, the transformation of the bread fruit into snack can contribute to the economic revival and improvement in health as well as to the care of the environment.


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