Mind, Knowledge, and Literature A Cognitive Criticism Study

cognitive criticism



Cognitive criticism, sensory knowledge, mental knowledge, intuitive knowledge, Antichrist


The current study tried to analyze the first story in Ahmed Khalid Mustafa's Antichrist novel, entitled (The prince of light in the creation of light) in the view of cognitive criticism by examining each source of knowledge (sensory knowledge, mental knowledge, intuitive knowledge) to reveal the mechanism of narrative writing and to reveal which source of knowledge was used mostly by the author. The analysis answered the main questions of the study; what mechanisms of narrative writing were used, and which source of knowledge was used mostly by the author, the results revealed that the author relied on sensor knowledge by creating visual and sensory icons with different connotations based on them. Whereas other knowledge, such as mental and intuitive knowledge, appears in the novel less than sensory knowledge since the story is imaginary and far from the logic of the mind.


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