Saudi Drama: Commencements, Efforts, and Progression (2)

Saudi Drama



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In the past, theater productions in literary societies and clubs were not common, and they were not promising theatrical works either. The lack of thorough academic and scholarly investigation into Saudi theater is the impetus for this work. Saudi Arabian theater and drama have not been well discussed in writings on Arabic theater and drama. As a result, the fundamental challenge posed by this endeavor is the lack of resources for researching Saudi theater. This paper makes an effort to shed light on the beginning of Saudi theater and drama. An analytical-critical method is used in the investigation. After a brief introduction, the paper discusses stimulating topics such as the beginning and development of Saudi drama, in addition to the subtitled academic contribution to drama. Then, a brief analysis of Ahmad As-Sebaei as a pioneer who struggled to establish drama in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A brief debate, suggestions, and a conclusion bring the work to its culmination.


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Author Biography

Yahya Dahami, Al Baha University

Yahya Saleh Hasan Dahāmi is an Associate Professor of English Literature, Criticism and Language, working in the English Department, Faculty of Science and Arts, Al Baha University, KSA since 2010. He obtained his Ph. D. in English Literature from Jamia Millia - New Delhi in 2004. He is a Board Member of the English Department, Al Baha University. He is the Editorial Board Director of Al-Baha University Scientific Journal for Humanities and Editorial Board Member: Journal of Islamic History and Literature. Dahāmi has been the Head of English Department and a Board Member of Faculty of Science and Arts. In addition, he has been the Dean of Faculty of Languages and Human Sciences – Future University 2008 – 2010. He is a member of the editorial board of several peer-reviewed journals. He has published more than fifty papers and books… Find more on The C V.


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