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The objective of this research is to know the way that Higher Education Institutions have raised their incidence in local development. Deepening, from the studies conducted in the processes of linkage, which is where the relationship with their teaching activities has established of research and where quality preparation has given to the students, allowing them to satisfy the requirements of the productive matrix of the province. The career of Industrial Engineering has taken for the study because this is the fundamental pillar in supporting the change of productive matrix of the province. From the knowledge of the agro-economic values that can contribute to local development and as a result of this research it has been determined that they have affected the territory surrounding the Institution in projects that enhance local development, shown in its actions in the Municipal Gad of Portoviejo.</p> Mónica del Rocío Véliz Pincay Hugo Jesús Juan Vélez Pincay Carlos G. Villacreses Viteri Maira Andrea Macías Guillen Carlos Alberto Litardo Velasquez ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-06-07 2019-06-07 5 4 1 7 10.21744/irjeis.v5n4.647 Application of RULA analysis on work posture improvement to reduce workers’ fatigue and musculoskeletal complaints and to accelerate processing time of wok molding <p style="text-align: justify;">The aim of the research was to analyze the work posture of the workers using the RULA method. The research was conducted experimentally by applying the treatment by subject design using 12 samples which were given two treatments; wok molding workers with the former molding facility (P0), and wok molding workers with the new molding facility with the ergonomic intervention (PI). Conclusion of this research is the RULA analysis result on the work posture of placing the end work on the temporary place (P0) gave a score of 7. This score shows a high-risk level and needs work posture improvement immediately. The work on PI showed the RULA score of 3, which means that there is a decrease from a high risk at a low-risk level. The average time needed to mold a wok on P0 was 1.46 minutes/unit, and on PI was 1.23 minutes/unit or down 18.7%. Therefore it recommended for wok molding worker to use ergonomic work posture (PI).</p> Tri Budiyanto Nyoman Adiputra I Dewa Putu Sutjana Ketut Tirtayasa ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-06-07 2019-06-07 5 4 8 15 10.21744/irjeis.v5n4.648 Comparative estimation of models with different structures for estimation of mechanical properties of light steel profiles <p style="text-align: justify;">The paper presents linear, quadratic, signomial and radial-based neural networks for the estimation of the mechanical properties of steel profiles for construction obtained from the chemical composition of the batches, the cross-section of the profile to be laminated, for the lamination workshops taken as case studies. As primary information, a database with the batches produced in the Antillana de Acero rolling mills is used for more than ten years<strong>. </strong>The results obtained show that the radial base neural networks applying Landweber's iterative regularization method to network training provide the highest precision. The signomial, quadratic and linear models reach similar values ​​of precision taking as a criterion of comparison the standard deviation of the estimate with respect to the results of the passive experiments obtained from the quality control of the production. The modeling work is done for the case studies of the laminating workshops 250 and 300 of the steel company Antillana de Acero.</p> Zambrano Ortíz Denis Joaquín Litardo Velásquez Rosa Mariuxi Arzola Ruiz José ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-31 2019-07-31 5 4 16 27 10.21744/irjeis.v5n4.687 Developing ergonomics-based practice system to improve students’ typing skills <p style="text-align: justify;">Increased competence must exist in vocational education. Less measurability of competency typing and convenience in using the computer laboratory becomes a problem for the Department of Business Administration, Bali State Polytechnic. For that, we need a system repair work practice typing on the student. This research was conducted at the Department of Business Administration computer laboratory&nbsp; Bali State Polytechnic. The method used is experiment with design group within - treatment (same subject). A total sample of 28 students of the 2nd semester and are taking practice typing. Competence is measured from the speed and accuracy in typing. Comfortable measured by questionnaires of practice comfort, and fatigue measured using a 30 item questionnaire of fatigue. Data of fatigue and comfortable were analyzed using the non-parametric Wilcoxon test and data of typed competence analyzed using t- paired test at the 95% significance level. Results of this research showed that there was a decrease in fatigue student practice 28.10%, decrease in musculoskeletal complaints 31.14%, increase in comfortable 39.63%,&nbsp; increase in typing speed competence the 27.31%, and an increase in typing accuracy competence 5, 10%. It was concluded that the improvement of work practices system can reduce fatigue and musculoskeletal complaints of students and increase typing comfort and competence of students in the Department of Business Administration Bali State Polytechnic.</p> - Kasiani M. Yusuf ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-31 2019-07-31 5 4 28 37 10.21744/irjeis.v5n4.688 The brain as a fundamental axis in learning process <p style="text-align: justify;">Since the beginning of humanity, an attempt has been made to explain the way in which man acquires knowledge, the way in which he assimilates, processes and executes it in order to develop the teaching-learning process that people need throughout of his life, which forces to change the learning schemes using new study methodologies, such as neuroscience, which is a discipline that studies the functioning of the brain, the relationship of neurons to the formation of synapses creating immediate responses which transmits to the body voluntarily and involuntarily, in addition to controlling the central and peripheral nervous system with their respective functions. It is necessary to change the traditional scheme and implement new strategies that allow the teacher to venture into neuroscience, in order to individually understand the different learning processes that students do. As some authors of neuroscience say, the brain performs processes of acquisition, storage and evocation of information, which form new knowledge schemes that generate changes in the attitude of the human being, for this reason teachers are responsible for taking advantage of what It is known about the multiple functions of the brain and be clear about the various ways of acquiring knowledge.</p> Luis Raul Meza Mendoza María Elena Moya Martinez Angelica Maria Sabando Suarez ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-31 2019-07-31 5 4 38 45 10.21744/irjeis.v5n4.689 Piper caninum blume leaf extract and compost to suppress blast disease and increase the production of bali red rice (oryza sativa) in green house <p style="text-align: justify;">The parameters developed in organic farming are the use of vegetable pesticides and compost and liquid organic fertilizer. Some research has been done but it needs deeper research to get the right product. The purpose of this study was to determine the inhibitory activity of <em>Piper caninum</em> extract against the fungus <em>Pyricuaria oryzae</em> causing blast disease in rice, and to find out how much the impact of compost on increased crop yield after being combined with the extract. This research is a field research located in the village of Senganan, Penebel Tabanan Bali. With the following treatment Fo = control (100% soil). F1 = (soil 90% + compost 10% + extract 0.5%). F2 = (soil 80% + compost 20% + extract 1%) F3 = (soil 70% + 30% + extract 1.5%). F4 = (soil 60% + compost 40% + 2% extract), do repeat 4 times. The results showed that <em>P. caninum</em> extract effectively inhibited blast disease and could reduce the intensity of blast disease. The combination with compost can significantly increase yields (67.62%), reduce empty grains, and increase rice size.</p> Ni Luh Suriani ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-31 2019-07-31 5 4 46 54 10.21744/irjeis.v5n4.693 Leaflet method for effectiveness of health counseling on diarrhea prevention behavior <p style="text-align: justify;">Diarrhea is a dangerous disease in children. It can lead to death and cause an outbreak of extraordinary events. The main cause of death in diarrhea is dehydration, namely as a result of the loss of fluid and electrolyte salt in stool diarrhea. If dehydration is not immediately helped 20-30% of them could die. In order to analyze the effectiveness of health counseling on diarrheal disease prevention behavior with leaflet method on families who have children aged 0 - 5 years at Raba sub-district, Bima City in 2018. This research used Paired T-test research with One Group Pre-Post Test Design approach to 200 people sample. Sample selection sampling technique used a non-probability sampling type with purposive sampling technique, namely the selection of the entire sample. It is in accordance with the characteristics set by the researcher in the inclusion criteria. The results of the two variables analysis above using the Paired T-test, the t-value = 7.053 and p = 0.000 were obtained. The t-value = 7.053 indicated that there was strong effectiveness between two variables seen from the interpretation table of the correlation coefficient. The p-value = 0,000 was smaller than the alpha value of 0.05. it means Ho was rejected and Ha was accepted. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that there is a strong and significant effect between maternal behavior before and after health counseling.</p> Indra Rahmad Desty Emilyani Akhmad Fathoni ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-07-31 2019-07-31 5 4 55 67 10.21744/irjeis.v5n4.703