Verb “clean using water” in Balinese



Balinese speakers, Clean using water, Human body, Natural semantic metalanguage, Non-human body


This paper discusses verb clean activity using water in Balinese. Unlike Indonesian that only has fewer variation words to clean human body like mandi and keramas. Balinese have some more variations to say specific meaning for clean using water. From this phenomenon, the verbs are interested to discuss particularly using the theory of Natural Semantic Metalanguage by Anna Weirzbicka’s in her book entitled Semantics: Primes and Universal which was published by Oxford University in 1996. This paper was analyzed using Descriptive Qualitative Method and did both library and field research method. Library research had done by finding the verbs in Balinese books and articles. Afterward field research did with the observation by asking some Balinese speakers. Five words are found to clean a human body; Mambuh (For cleaning hair), Mesugi (face) etc. Meanwhile, one word (ngumbah) is neutral? It means the word can be used to describe in the human body and non-human body. Then the last, there are two words in Balinese which were found to describe cleaning activity using water in Balinese to clean something or the activity which not to clean human body like nyusud and ngepel.


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