Literature review on HR practice in banking sector



HR practices, human resource, performance & productivity, public & private sector banks, suitability & survival


Presently the competition was going on sky high in the banking industry. Merely tough competitors can persist under these prompt changes. Every single bank wished to face this situation and emerge as victorious, but it was not as easy as one could imagine. But this could be possible somewhat if a desire to work all together for transformation was made. Fast moving and complex world of new techniques &skills had forced banks to consider it and to adjust themselves to the changing banking environment. There was a requirement to advance competencies i.e. skill, knowledge, and approach among the bank employees to make them more appropriate to the altering circumstances. Since every human being had the potential to do remarkable things and to support him to understand, develop and utilize his/her potential, the bank should provide the knowledge and emerging climate as well as prospects. And this was possible only if efficient and effective Human Resource Practices, which would maximize value and minimize cost within the organization should be applied.


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