Journal History

Open Access (OA) in the IRJEIS work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The number of freely accessible articles and, in particular, digital collections in the IRJEIS is steadily increasing. However, when it comes to OA for monographs and edited volumes, there is still room for improvement. Besides publications, sources, especially in digitized form, are of great importance in the IRJEIS. The publication platform for IRJEIS is Open Journal System since 2015 to present. The ISSN portal of IRJEIS responsible for the record was Indian National Centre. Title proper based on the included digital was International research journal of engineering, IT and scientific research. The current key-title at is International research journal of engineering, IT and scientific research, medium: online. The ISSN was assigned by the Indian ISSN Centre. The IRJEIS now is published under SLOAP. The previous domain name was, located in India, next on, since 2017 the domain server change to The current publisher name: Scientific and Literature Open Access Publishing

SLOAP editorial office based publication is located in 53c Gilbey Road, Tooting Broadway, London, United Kingdom, SW17 0QH. There are eleven journals on SLOAP UK included International journal of social sciences; International journal of physics & mathematics; International journal of life sciences & earth sciences; International journal of health & medical sciences; International journal of humanities, literature & arts; International journal of engineering & computer science; International journal of chemical & material sciences; and International journal of business, economics & management. There three journals since 2019 were taken over recorded by the ISSN UK Center. Those were International journal of linguistics, literature and culture; International research journal of engineering, IT & scientific research; and International research journal of management, IT and social sciences. We can confirm that SLOAP, London, UK took over publication of all journals.