English terms of address in the bible and their equivalents in Balinese: a translation study

  • Ni Nyoman Tri Sukarsih Universitas Dhyana Pura, Bali, Indonesia
Keywords: term of address, common, high


Bible translation always poses problems, both linguistic and non-linguistic. The work in this study deals with: the problem of translating terms of address in the Bible of English (SL) into Balinese (TL). As there are several versions of the Bible, the one selected for this study is Today’s English Versions which is translated in Balinese by LAI. Differences in the system of terms of address in English and Balinese become problematic in selecting the appropriate pronoun or noun for terms of address; and this is made complicated by the fact that Balinese has two varieties of language use, i.e. common and high.


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