Indian railways catering: Jammu-New Delhi Duronto train


  • Alok Kumar Amity University, Noida (U.P), India


Train, IRCTC, Catering, Indian Railway, Jammu-New Delhi-Duronto


Indian Railways is one of the world’s biggest modes of transportation of passenger transit in the world. More than 21 million people from varied culture & tradition and socio-economic conditions travel by the Indian Railways daily. The conspicuous growth in the Indian economy over the last two decades has increased demand for all transport services, specifically land transport through road and rail. This paper is based on a case study conducted to observe food facility available on the premium train of Indian Railways- “Duronto” on an important tourism and pilgrim circuit of Jammu & Kashmir connecting to India’s capital-New Delhi. The findings of this paper highlight how Indian Railway & IRCTC are still lacking behind and not able to provide even basic catering services to the passengers.


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