Educational development of Shalikha


  • Mohammad Wahiduzzaman Upazila Academic Supervisor, Bagherpara Upazila, Jessore, Bangladesh


Education, Classification, Nomenclature


Shalikha is a local administrative zone by the Bangladesh government. It is a famous Upazila in Magura district. It comes from to the existence in the British period. To study in the education sector of the Upazila Shalikha is the main research paper where there will be shown what is the main condition of the educational department. It is seen to be back-warded because there are many causes to culprit to develop the bondage of the educational development of the Upazila Shalikha. Education is said that what is the developmental index of the improvement. Here are the people who are the twenty-four and eight percent that are littered. There is the female who the sixteen and eight percent that are littered. This study tries to prove that how can improve the whole educational development in this tracking area. The present educational system, which is to sustain how may sustain to develop the society and nation. The present picture is developed at a high rate that is enlisted to develop our socio-economical development to reshape our national educational development. Without education, Shalikha will not more develop. The present condition will show how the Shalikha inhabitants can improve their educational development. How many educational institutions in Shalika are there? To study this educational institution will prove that Shalikha will recreate a landmark to remake the national educational history. The institutions and the people who are engaged to develop the society, culture, religion, and economics of the Upazila Shalikha. The education system of Shalikha focuses on an aim to remake the developed nation that is enlisted into the national development. As a village Upazila, Shalikha will rename as a model Upazila. The education of it is running away to recall in a development in a novel way.


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