The proposal for developing mathematics self-study capabilities in Vietnam highschool

A theoretical study


  • Nguyen Van Quyen Tran Phu Specialized High School, Hai Phong Province, Vietnam


In terms of general learning and Mathematics study, in particular, self-study ability is a fundamental element to promote learning efficiency. The research objective focuses on Proposing specific measures for developing the math self-study ability of high school students. Secondly, the research result reveals 5 methods for developing math self-study ability of high school students in Vietnam, including (1) Fostering motivation, attitude, sense of self-study, nurturing passion and forming knowledge about Math self-studying for students through field trips or extra-curricular activities; (2) Applying objective tests as a tool to examine and evaluate students' self-study at home; (3) Training and developing students' self-instructed math skills in terms of finding and reading documents of the specific content of Mathematics and skills in listening, communicating and taking notes in class; (4) Designing and organizing for students learning activities in the direction of practising scientific research; (5) Fostering and improving student’s self-assessment skills, mistakes correction after each process of studying a specific content. The final part of the study will discuss several issues and solutions that need to be considered when putting these teaching Mathematics measures into practice at Vietnamese high schools.


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Quyen, N. V. (2021). The proposal for developing mathematics self-study capabilities in Vietnam highschool: A theoretical study. International Journal of Physics & Mathematics, 4(1).