The ideology that affects the management of tourist resort Nusa Dua-Bali

  • I Gusti Ketut Purnaya Lecturer in PTS Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bali Internasional (STPBI) / Sekolah Perhotelan Bali (SPB) Denpasar
Keywords: Green, Global, Ideology, Nusa Dua, Local Wisdom, Tourism Resort


Management of Nusa Dua Tourism Resort cannot be separated from macro social and political developments at the national level and the micro at the regional level. The stakeholder power relations between the three pillars of the government (BTDC), investors, and the society in the management of Nusa Dua resort is influenced by external factors is the globalization that developing very fast. This study focused on analyzing and answering the basic of what ideology is affecting the management of Nusa Dua Tourism Resort. Results of this study indicate that the management of Nusa Dua Tourism Resort is not only determined by the business management matters but also by the social and political situation and by global and others tourism related ideologies. Social and political change and demands by these ideologies force all three pillars in the Nusa Dua Tourism Resort management activities to wisely exercising their power in the relation to each other for the benefit of all parties and assurance of the sustainability of the resort.


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