Teaching techniques and instructional media in presenting intercultural awareness in English class of primary school students


  • Fardini Sabilah English Department University of Muhammadiyah Malang-Indonesia


Primary School, Practice teachers, Instructional media, Teaching technique, Intercultural awareness


This current research was investigated the teaching technique and instructional media used by Practice Teachers of English class for Primary School students in presenting the intercultural awareness to the EYL students. The researchers chose to use a qualitative research design because it was intended to get the picture about the teaching technique and instructional media used to present the intercultural awareness of EYL course done by practice teachers in English Department of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (so forth UMM). The descriptive research design was supported by the ethnographic approach in which the researchers took part intensively to the phenomenon being investigated. The data were the teaching techniques and instructional media used by the teachers in teaching within 10 meetings. The subjects were 36 teachers who observed in 9 times. The instrument used was an observation by conducting the video recording, note taking, and documentation. The findings showed that; 1) among all techniques evaluated, 16 of them had been used and immersed intercultural awareness in the material being taught and developed. There were 16 techniques applied by practice teachers in presenting the intercultural awareness. There were describing and explaining culture, experiencing the culture through language use, dialogues, skits, and mini-dramas, drama games, masks and puppets, role play and simulation, songs and dances, etc, 2) the instructional media used by practice teachers to support the teaching technique in presenting the intercultural awareness were 22 (twenty two) instructional media. They were; flashcard, videos and films, realia, puppets, big books, puzzle, picture card, power point, real things, stereofoam of fruit, magic quiz, and worksheet, etc.


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