The Nature of God and man in the writings of Guru Nanak


  • Ashmeet Kaur Head, Dept. of Political Science, Faculty of Arts & Culture, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Oluvil, Sri Lanka


God, Haumain, Guru Nanak, Unity of God, Nature of God, Nature of Man


My study is about the Nature of God and Man reflected in the writings of Guru Nanak and the relation between the two. Though it’s difficult to understand the two individually but there exists a link which binds the two together. Guru Nanak’s way of approach to religion and its aspect urged a belief in him that altogether resulted in dealing life and the world differently in a mode which he created.  He started a new way of religion with new philosophies and teachings which took the time to owe its place in the society. Though his ideologies stand out different from others but these teachings and sayings, somewhere, were something which talked about the unknown reality i.e. the power, the reality that exists within the same world without our knowledge. In the Holy Book, Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Nanak himself and through his Successors have talked about ideal nature of God and the True nature of Man. Nanak says that we are men of evil deeds but we all, in the end, come to the feet of Lord in His Honour to make ourselves honorable. My study also talks about the link between God and Man in terms of their nature which relate each other in every aspect.


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