Research on autonomy and accountability of high schools in Vietnam


  • Tran Trung Tinh National Academy of Education Management - Ministry of Education and Training, 31st, Phan Dinh Giot street, Thanh Xuan Dist, Ha Noi city, Vietnam


accountability, autonomous schools, autonomy, high quality schools


Currently, the education and training in the Vietnam sector have had specific policies and actions in which to attach importance to the renewal of the management mechanism for high schools in the direction that schools are more and more autonomous in their mission implementation, improve the quality of education. International experience shows that one of the solutions to improve the quality of public high schools is to gradually increase autonomy for schools in the following areas: autonomy in program and education plan; autonomy in using finance and facilities; autonomy in recruitment, human resource management; autonomy in educational goals and quality. The paper presents the research on the model of autonomous public high schools in Vietnam in the context of the implementation of the Education Law 2019 and the 2018 high school program.


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