Intercultural communication based on ideology, theology and sociology


  • I Gusti Ayu Ratna Pramesti Dasih Universitas Hindu Indonesia, Denpasar, Indonesia
  • Ida Bagus Gde Yudha Triguna Universitas Hindu Indonesia, Denpasar, Indonesia
  • I Wayan Winaja Universitas Hindu Indonesia, Denpasar, Indonesia


communication, ideology, sociology, temple, theology


The research was intended at exploring the intercultural communication based on ideology, theology, and sociology on Pura Dalem Solo. It was pura kahyangan jagat. Those have occurred many activities reflected intercultural communication. Intercultural communication raised some interesting things to study in order to formulate findings that can be used as a cultural reflection facing the global era. The existence of the temple was also related to history, tradition, and culture. They have accumulated from past thought. Therefore, it manifests in the form of multicultural culture and becomes a scientific study. The temple might be stated as an iconic culture. It was built from intercultural communication involving several things unlike, processes, patterns, and implications arise in intercultural communication. A cultural icon becomes the basis of the study. It can then be seen on the temple not only as a sacred place but also as a communication medium. In this case, cultural symbols were messages, and the pengempon-penyiwi resident were communicants or recipients as well as subjects who treat the message.


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Dasih, I. G. A. R. P., Triguna, I. B. G. Y., & Winaja, I. W. (2019). Intercultural communication based on ideology, theology and sociology. International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Culture, 5(5), 29-35.



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