Blackbox movies: the transformation of private cinema into multi-channel advertising media


  • I Made Sindhu Yoga University of Pendidikan Nasional, Denpasar, Indonesia
  • I Gede Yudhi Hendrawan University of Mahasaraswati, Denpasar, Indonesia



Several previous researches have contributed to give an outlook for the up and down process of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through company’s lifecycle. Some of intern and extern factors also became analyzed indicators in order to give an overview about the strategy for surviving in the world of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, and specifically, some literatures tend to be less in discussing about the SMEs which can withstand after overcoming the climax point to decline stage in its lifecycle. This research aimed at contributing academically in giving overview of a SME scale company namely Blackbox Movies, it engaged in creative industry through product of room service provider for movie. The main focus was the strategy for transforming the core business as an effort to overcome the current revolution, which was caused mainly by the threat of digital era openness.


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