The effectiveness testing of l-carnitine on the quality of spermatozoa and testosterone hormone in white rats (Rattus norvegicus) feeding with high fat


  • Ni Wayan Sukma Antari Institut Teknologi dan Kesehatan Bali
  • Ida Ayu Manik Damayanti Institut Teknologi dan Kesehatan Bali, Indonesia
  • Nadya Treesna Wulansari Institut Teknologi dan Kesehatan Bali, Indonesia


quality of spermatozoa, testosterone L-carnitine hormone, white rats


This study aims to determine the increase in the quality of spermatozoa and testosterone after giving L-carnitine to white rats (Rattus norvegicus). This study was conducted by giving L-carnitine as a treatment for 42 days in white rats with a dose variation of 100 mg/kg bw, 150 mg/kg bw, and 200 mg/kg bw and user controls as a comparison. The variables observed in this study were the quality of spermatozoa, namely: morphology, motility, viability, membrane integrity, and seeing the levels of the hormone testosterone. The research data were processed using a computer statistical program (SPSS 22.0 for Windows) using the One Way Anova test. The results showed that giving high doses of L-carnitine supplements for a long time could cause decreased spermatozoa quality, namely: morphology, motility, viability, membrane integrity and decreased levels of the hormone testosterone.


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