The role of the subject “literature” in forming personality in modern secondary schools



critical thinking, curriculum, literature, secondary education, intercultural relations, emotional-valuable attitude


In the current time, one of the important tasks of modern schools is to prepare a highly educated student who can think creatively and independently in any situation. In the realization of this task, literature, as a school discipline, which forms the inner world and valuable orientations of students, plays a large role. The study of literature can have crucial importance in the education of the independent personality possessing esthetical taste. Scholars consider the subject of literature as a critical study of literary texts. They clarify that one of the main aims of the subject is the critical analysis of how language is used in different types of texts to identify meaning and find out text elements. With the help of reading various literary texts, students in secondary education of modern schools can receive skills of critical analysis through connecting the meaning of these texts with their lives and the world. Besides, teaching literature in secondary education can provide the ability to imagine the inner and outer worlds of any substance, to solve and investigate important, present, and future problems individually. A considerable number of scholars and studies have attempted to describe the importance of this discipline.


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