Language is a dynamic organism reflecting the processes which occur in a country, its culture and the global community. As far as the country and its nation cannot stay isolated, without exterior influences of its neighbours, global economy and communication, that far the language and literature, as the embodiment of the societal and individual processes, mirror the reality of the country and the world. This special issue is the collection of the papers, which represent the studies, discussed at LASTE 2019 - II International Conference on Language Studies, Translation and Education which was held in Izmir (Turkey) in 2019. The Conference, organised with the support of IATELS, International Association for Technology, Education and Language Studies, was purposed to bring academicians and practitioners to the discussion of the urgent problems in the domains of language and education. To answer the conference call the academicians from UK, Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Singapore, Tunisia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Turkey and Taiwan presented their studies for the discussion. Editorial Preface and getting a Complete Full Issue.

Prof. Dr. Iryna Sekret
IATELS International Association for Technology, Education and Language Studies

Published: 2020-07-31