Sustainable tourism development potential in the improvement of economic and social life community corridor in Bali



Creative economy, Small industry, Sustainable tourism, Tourism development, Tourism mapping


This research was conducted in the Corridor Bali with the aim of (1) mapping of Bali tourism potential of the area and (2) analyze the direction of the development of tourism potential. This research uses descriptive design with the object of the research potential of tourism and socio-economic life of society corridors Bali. Subjects were community stakeholders in tourism, department of tourism, small industry related to tourism, public figures. Data were collected through observation, documentation, and recording of the interview, then the data were analyzed using qualitative descriptive analysis. The results showed (1) Bali's tourism potential as a gateway to national tourism that aims to improve the socio-economic life of society. One of the things that can be done is to develop creative economy businesses that can be employment opportunities for the people of Bali to earn income. From the results obtained on the research findings, there is some tourism potential that can be studied further in creating a creative economy for the people of Bali, particularly in the field of tourism.


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